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August 12, 2008

Launch of Sophie and the Pancake Plot

Well, Sophie and the Pancake Plot is now in the bookshops, so feel free to boost the sales by picking up a copy or two for nephews/nieces! Albino Camel sold well, but Locust Curse was something of a lame duck, so hopefully Pancake Plot will get the series back on track.

The feedback so far has been encouraging, anyway. According to this reviewer, Sophie and the Pancake Plot is "almost Kiplingesque in its humour and writing style". Hmm. This is the third time a reviewer has used the adjective Kiplingesque to describe my books or poems, and I confess to being pleased but baffled. The only things I have read by Kipling are a couple of 'Just So Stories' and the Poem 'If'. No, not even Kim (blush). Not even Jungle Book (double blush). Perhaps I should get hold of a Complete Works of Rudyard Kipling and see whether or not being Kiplingesque is something to be desired!

Posted by sahelsteve at August 12, 2008 11:30 PM