One week’s wages to buy a book

Am negotiating the sale of ‘Albino Camel’ book rights with an African publisher here at FILO. Sticking point: he is proposing a cover price of 11,000 CFA – that’s almost 15 pounds sterling.

Bear in mind that a typical day wage for unskilled labour here in Ouagadougou is 1,000 CFA and you’ll see what the problem is. Eleven day’s wages for one slim volume.

This is precisely the problem with the publishing industry in Africa, and one of the main reasons that reading has such a minimal place in African culture.

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Stephen Davies

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    1. I love ebooks! I don’t go anywhere without my Sony reader, and I am currently formatting the Sophie books for Kindle. I had a look at your website – great project. I think one of my stories is in the Cricket ‘Realm of Imagination’ collection that you are publishing. Best wishes to you.

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