Would you buy this film?

This is the back-cover blurb of a DVD I saw on the streets of Ouagadougou a few years ago. Can anyone guess the film?

Bonus points if you can come up with a theory of how the translator arrived at ‘red Buddhist nun’.

Release on parole out still that not until 24 hours, red Buddhist nun is planning him and next one has planned from the prison. There are three rules: Anyone is not injured. Any person who should not suffer this destiny is not stolen. To do as if you it doesn’t matter can lose. The criminal of this sly and has glamour begins the most complicated meticulous gambling house robs in the history. He has called together 11 experts between one night and includes the playing cards past master, and top level thief and one blows up expert. Their this dimension of plan from pulls adds this three gambling houses and robs away 1 5 thousand thousand dollars. This Buddhist nun’s enlighten gram that the boss of these three gambling houses is elegant and merciless, the former wife of his by chance red Buddhist nun of appointment liver mosses silks. Robbing understanding is in progress at the same time with fiery boxing match. Pulls this dimension adds this does not sleep that the night is obviously more brilliant.

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13 thoughts on “Would you buy this film?”

  1. This is the most extraordinary piece of anthology…keep it preciously…a red Buddhist nun involved into a gaming house…indeed…!!! What’s the name of the film by the way… -:)

  2. Ocean 11th was shot in Amsterdam when I was living there, just one canal away…it was a very exciting time !!! The crew came one evening in a club where I was with my friends…souvenirs…souvenirs…

    1. How exciting for you. Ocean’s Eleven is one of my favourite films of all time. It would be better with cameo appearance by a red Buddhist nun, of course, but otherwise it’s pretty near perfect.

  3. I would thinhk so…cannot be anything else than Babelfish or Google Translate to get “a red Buddhist nun gram” !!! So funny !!!

  4. yes, has to be Ocean’s eleven – I reckon if you listen to somebody say ‘Danny Ocean’ in Arabic, you hear the word ‘rouge’… but from there to buddhist nun? Mind blowing.

    1. Aha! The world is a logical place after all. And humans are still evolving. What was not possible in 2005 is possible in 2011. We are moving inexorably towards enlightenment. The mystery is solved and tonight I shall sleep soundly.

  5. Here’s another one I like, from the DVD back cover of ‘Born to Fight’. Very brave to use the word ‘dud’ in the blurb for your own film!

    While the plot is wafer-thin, and subtitles are not even needed for general comprehension, Born to Fight still manages to drag because it doesn’t take a pacing cue from Ong-Bak. When the action starts, Born to Fight simply explodes for a good thirty to forty minutes of glorious choreography and stunts. But for the time leading up to it, without anything truly impressive, the film sits like a dud waiting to be pushed over the edge.

    1. That’s amazing! Do you think they just found an English review for the film, and decided to use it? Sounds pretty scathing for a DVD back cover description!

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