I blogged the other day about goat herding on World Book Day. Seemed like a good opportunity to make a little trailer for THE GOGGLE-EYED GOATS.

Meanwhile, back in London, a goat party was taking place. Look out for Christine Baker, editorial director of Gallimard Jeunesse, better known as the woman who brought Harry Potter to France!

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Stephen Davies

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One thought on “THE GOGGLE-EYED GOATS book trailer”

  1. Congratulations Steve!

    I thought it was pretty interesting when I first saw the artwork that the goats had quite delicate, although certainly large, eyes, rather than the bulging eyes that sprung to my mind when I heard “goggle-eyed”. Having seen that the French translation is “Les chèvres aux yeux doux” (roughly “The soft-eyed goats”), it all makes sense 🙂

    I certainly can’t think of a good French word for goggle-eyed; is that the reason “doux” was chosen?

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