Visiting Year 7 at Buttershaw College, Bradford

Stephen Davies author visit Buttershaw BradfordJust back from Bradford, and a very enjoyable visit to Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College. I had the pleasure of meeting all of the Year 7 students and leading them through a workshop on thriller writing. They are going to be reading and discussing The Yellowcake Conspiracy.

“We are launching a new approach to teaching English this year, with the focus entirely on novels. This will just be for year 7 pupils to begin with, but we hope that we will be able to roll it our to all year groups eventually. The idea is that students who have not been given opportunities to read whilst growing up, will be able to experience the joy of literature, before having to sit down in exam hall and write a ton of essays!” – Miss Constable, English teacher, Buttershaw

Best student answer of the day, evidently from a Michael Jackson fan:
Q. What is a thriller?
A. It’s a song!

As for Bradford, what a great place. It was only my first visit, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that Bradford has the friendliest taxi drivers, hotel receptionists, fish fryers and teachers in the entire country.

Its town hall ain’t bad either.

City of Bradford, England. The gothic Bradford City Hall viewed from Centenary Square.

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