Visit to Chichester High School for Boys

Stephen Davies visit to CHSB

It was nice to do a visit close to home for once – this school is just around the corner from my daughter’s nursery. Many thanks to Miss Mootyen for hosting my visit, to budding authors Ethan and Milo for making my books into a very cool display down in the library, and to everyone in Year 7 and Year 8 who participated in the workshops and suggested great thriller concepts. If you weren’t able to buy a book today, fear not, there are now 2 copies of each of THE YELLOWCAKE CONSPIRACY, HACKING TIMBUKTU and OUTLAW in your library – I hope you enjoy them, and if (when you’ve finished) you feel compelled to give them good reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, then go ahead, not that I’m asking you to 😉 Anyway, here are some pics – click to enlarge.

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