More experiments with suiboku: a small bird on a plum branch looking at bamboo stalks

I’ve been practising the four gentlemen again tonight. I’m quite pleased with how the bamboo stalks look, but the leaves aren’t well placed and only a few of them have the requisite sharpness. The plum branch is the third of the four gentlemen, and this is my first attempt, so I’m not going to beat myself up about how it looks!

Bird on a Plum tree looking at bamboo stalks

I also carved my first signature seal out of soapstone tonight (the small red square in the middle there). The name Stephen is from the Greek Stephanos meaning crown or garland, so I used the Kanji character for ‘crown’ as my signature seal. Only problem is, I forgot to carve a mirror image on the soapstone chop, so the resulting stamp is backwards – oops!

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