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Animal Tales from the Bible review

Animal Tales from the Bible: Four Favorite Stories about JesusAnimal Tales from the Bible: Four Favorite Stories about Jesus by Nick Butterworth
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This is a firm favourite with our three year-old daughter Libby. The tales, each of them narrated by a different animal, are utterly charming. I think the magpie tale is my favourite – the magpie (a thieving bird) meets Zacchaeus (a thieving man) in the branches of a tree, moments before Jesus turns up. Libby likes the mouse’s tale: the calm of the still lake, with the mouse curled up next to Jesus, and then the sudden flash bang wallop of the storm. The cat’s tale – an under-the-table cat’s eye view of Jesus’ first miracle – has a great sense of atmosphere and something really special about to happen. Hey, the fox’s account of the birth of Jesus is great, too. They are all extremely special, and written with such flair that they are a true delight to read out loud. The illustrations fit well with the text and spotting the animal in each picture is fun. Highly recommended.

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