NaNoWriMo Day Seven: the minimalist dream of a white font on a white background

white font on white background

Joanne Harris once tweeted this #writetip: Change your font colour to white if you want to write more fluidly.

Brilliant tip, albeit with a few disadvantages!

On the one hand

  • You can get a lot of words written, because you’re not constantly going back to edit.
  • It’s very restful on the old mince pies because you can turn the screen brightness all the way down and can let your eyes go out of focus. If you can touchtype you can even close your eyes – so long as you’re not in danger of falling asleep!
  • A perfectly white page is very zen.

On the other hand

  • There are still potential distractions. The worst are the squiggly red and green lines produced by the background spelling and grammar check (turn them off). There’s also the toolbar across the top of the screen (hide it by using Full Screen Document View).
  • A totally blank screen is a tad boring – a waste of perfectly good pixels.
  • There is something reassuring about seeing the words you are writing. Not just reassuring, but beautiful as well. Words look good. Autumnal. Flugelbinder. Trapeze. Black on white has its uses.

On the other hand

  • You can get a lot of words written.

NaNoWriMo status update: I’m hanging in there – just – at 11,592 words.

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