DON’T SPILL THE MILK chosen for CBeebies bedtime story slot


My girls (5 and 2) love the CBeebies bedtime story at 6.50 every evening. All right, I confess, I love it too. Great readers, great books and great mock surprise shown by presenters when the camera arrives and interrupts them talking to penguins / drinking milk / reading a newspaper.

I was delighted when I found out that DON’T SPILL THE MILK had been chosen as a CBeebies story. It was beautifully read last night by Ore Oduba of Newsround / BBC Sports fame. Here is a link to the video on iplayer, which will be available for the next month or so: DON’T SPILL THE MILK read by Ore Oduba.


The story takes place in Niger (not Nigeria, CBeebies!) and shows a plucky little girl called Penda going on an epic journey carrying a bowl of milk for her dad. Will she get there without spilling any?

Michael McIntyre does a wonderful routine about his experience filming a CBeebies bedtime story. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

And in case, you’re curious, here’s Michael’s peformance on CBeebies! Career suicide, he calls it, but history suggests otherwise.

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