Treasures of Ancient Egypt Day 1 – Sennefer

This block statue of Sennefer came from a temple on the west bank of the River Nile. It is one of the most handsome block statues ever made by the Ancient Egyptians. Look how finely carved and polished Sennefer’s face and hands are.

© The Trustees of the British Museum

Sennefer was the mayor of Thebes during the reign of the pharaoh Thutmose III. His name was written using just two hieroglyphs, like this:

Sennefer was buried in a stunning tomb with beautifully painted walls. If you go to Thebes in southern Egypt, you can visit it for yourself.


Here is a close-up view of Sennefer’s wife presenting him with symbols of life and power. Can you spot Sennefer’s name among the hieroglyphic writing in this painting?


You can see the block statue of Sennefer for yourself. It is in Room 4 of the British Museum, the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery.

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