Treasures of Ancient Egypt Day 2 – Ankhnesneferibra

This black coffin is covered in hieroglyphs. Imagine trying to chisel all of those tiny, intricate pictures into hard granite.

Ankhnesneferibra was the daughter of a king and was the most important priestess in all of Egypt. She held the title ‘God wife of Amun’, which is written in hieroglyphs like this:

Amun was the name of an Egyptian God, written with pictures of a feather, a board game (viewed sideways) and a zigzaggy line. You will notice Amun regularly in Ancient Egyptian inscriptions, particularly in prayers, spells and pharaoh names, like the well-known boy-king Tutankh-AMUN, for example.

Tutankhamun in hieroglyphs

The picture of the coffin above belongs to the British Museum and is reproduced here for educational purposes only © The Trustees of the British Museum

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