Treasures of Ancient Egypt Day 9: Tamut

This mummy is a woman aged 25-40. We know from the case that her name was Tjentmutengebtiu, otherwise known as Tamutin or Tamut, and that she was a priestess in the great temple at Karnak.

click to enlarge © The Trustees of the British Museum

Paintings on coffins are not exact portraits so we don’t know exactly what Tamut looked like. However, the shape of Tamut’s skull suggests she might have looked something like this:

© Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane)

The British Museum scan of Tamut’s body shows that some of her blood vessels were lined with fat. This was the result of an unhealthy diet (Ancient Egyptians loved their goose and beer) and leads us to believe that she might have died of a heart attack or a stroke.

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