Padiamenet mummy case

Treasures of Ancient Egypt Day 10 – Padiamenet

The hieroglyphic writing on Padiamenet’s beautiful mummy case tell us that he was ‘Chief Doorkeeper of the Domain of Ra’ and also ‘Chief Barber of the Domain of Ra’.

Most Egyptian temples had doorkeepers, to let people in and out of the temple, and to keep the doorway clear of sand. Doorkeepers had a reputation for sloth. We know this from various Ancient Egyptian pictures showing doorkeepers lolling against doors and walls, half asleep!

It may at first seem strange that Padiamenet was both a doorkeeper and a barber at the temple of the sun god. Remember, however, that Egyptian priests had to have completely shaven heads before they could work in the temple. It must have been convenient if the doorkeeper could give them a quick shave before they started work.

Barbering in Ancient Egypt, from the tomb of Userhat
© Met Museum, New York, public domain image

This largest scene on the coffin case shows Padiamenet praising the god Osiris and his sister Isis.

© The Trustees of the British Museum

Like many Ancient Egyptians, Padiamenet had very bad teeth. They must have caused him a lot of pain. The scans of his mummy remind us of the importance of looking after our own teeth.

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