Treasures of Ancient Egypt Day 23: Tutankhamun’s Ostrich Feather Fan

You probably feel sad or angry at the thought of hunting ostriches, but for Ancient Egyptians it was a great sport. Ostriches run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour, and people loved zooming after them in their chariots.

The centre of Tutankhamun’s fan was a semicircle of gold, and there would have been ostrich feathers all around the curved edge. The picture on the fan shows Tutankhamun in his chariot, hunting an ostrich.

Notice Tutankhamun’s throne name Neb-kheperu-re in the cartouche in the top right corner, and the jaunty ankh symbol striding along in the bottom left corner. Amusingly, the ankh is also holding an ostrich feather fan!

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