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This is the new one, as recommended by Scott Evans (the Reader Teacher), Paul Watson (the Great British Bookworm) and Emma Suffield (Little Blog of Library Treasures). All three are teachers, which is fitting because I wrote this book with schools in mind.

Mo has won a very special prize, an Ancient Egypt sleepover in a museum. But he has no clue how dangerous it will turn out to be. With a mystery to solve, hieroglyphic codes to crack and priceless treasure to save, one thing is sure: Mo will not be getting any sleep tonight!

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Next up, a biography of Andy Murray, part of Scholastic’s LIFE STORY series. I really enjoyed delving into Andy’s past and finding out what makes him tick as a tennis player and as a person. Find out the answers to burning questions like:

  • What was Andy’s favourite cartoon as a child?
  • How did he celebrate after winning Wimbledon?
  • Why did he shout at a seagull in Australia?
  • How many chin-ups can he do in a row?
  • Who is responsible for his wonky fingernail?

And of course…

  • How did he get so blimmin’ good at tennis?

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