Educational Books

Survivor: Titanic

Survivor: Titanic

Publisher: Scholastic
Reading Level: Reluctant readers

Part of a brand new series from Scholastic, Survivor: Titanic tells the story of a young boy aboard the fated Titanic. This gripping first-hand account is perfect for children studying the Titanic at school.

It is rare that an author manages to cram in so much information and knowledge into a story without weighing it down but Survivor: Titanic proceeds at a breakneck pace. If the aim of the Scholastic series is to teach the history curriculum in an exciting and thrilling manner, then they have certainly succeeded with this first release.
– Mandy Southgate, Addicted to Media

The Hairy Flip-Flops And Other Fulani Folk Tales

The Hairy Flip Flops and Other Fulani Folk Tales

Publisher: Collins (Big Cat)
Reading Level: Band 15 / Emerald

Follow the trickery and antics of Hyena and Rabbit as they try to out-wit each other in this collection of hilarious traditional tales from West Africa.

The Song of Sky and Sand

The Song of Sky and Sand

Publisher: Pearson (Bug Club)
Reading Level: Year 4

Time is running out for the villagers of Simbi – they need to find a new source of water, and fast! One day Ramata hears an old woman singing and realizes that the lyrics have a hidden meaning. Will Ramata be able to solve the riddle of the song and find water in time?