Glad you dropped by! Mind if I tell you about my Egypt-themed adventure, new for 2022? It’s called THE ANCIENT EGYPT SLEEPOVER and is set in the Egyptian sculpture gallery of a museum, over the course of one crazy night. If you like ancient treasure, hieroglyphic codes and action-adventure stories, you’ll love this book.

Mo has won a very special prize, an Ancient Egypt sleepover in a museum. But he has no clue how dangerous it will turn out to be. With a mystery to solve, codes to crack and priceless treasure to save, one thing is sure: Mo will not be getting any sleep tonight!

If instead you’re looking for a teen read, try my new YA novel, CHESSBOXER. Set in New York, it’s about a snarky and rebellious chess prodigy who takes up boxing. CHESSBOXER got a Kirkus starred review and the Metro called it ‘original, brash, funny and poignant.’

I’ve been writing adventure stories all my adult life. My early books were set on the edge of the Sahara Desert, where I used to live and work. Now I live in London.

One upside of being back in England is that I get to visit lots of schools and encourage young people in their own story writing. My school visits are organized through Authors Abroad, so if you are a teacher and want to arrange a visit, please do drop them a line. They’re ever so friendly and efficient.

If you would like to get in touch with me, email is the best way. My address is sahelsteve@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Aside from reading and writing, I have a great love of Chinese ink painting and chess. Oh, and I’m freakishly tall – 6 foot 7 – so don’t be too shocked by that if I visit your school!

Hope you enjoy browsing this site.

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  1. My name is Matt Reynolds. I am in New Mexico, USA and am so happy to see books by a person like Stephen Davies in our schools. Thank you Stephen for your work in Africa, and your writing.

  2. We loved it when Stephen came to visit us at Cardwell Primary School – all the children (and adults!) loved meeting him, hearing about his adventures in Burkina Faso and reading his wonderful stories. Stephen’s writers’ workshops inspired some fantastic writing and his books now take pride of place in our school library. Thank you, Steve – we hope to meet you again some time!

  3. Thank you for coming to Woodford Green Prep School today and sharing your wonderful ideas and books. We all loved ‘Don’t Spill the Milk’, you inspired both children and adults. Happy writing!

  4. Thank you for coming to Woodford Green Prep School today and sharing your wonderful ideas and books. We all loved ‘Don’t Spill the Milk’ and you inspired both children and adults. Happy writing!

  5. We met you when you first were starting to write- in Burkina Faso- my husband was your parkour guy in the desert. I am actually a budding author myself and I would love some advice along the journey. Any chance we could chat? We are still with SIM in East Africa now.

  6. Thank you for our fun lesson about Titanic this morning for Church Road School. It was amazing. I liked that your used our idea to help us start to write a story.
    Your book on Titanic is coming tomorrow on Amazon for me to read!
    From Bella

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